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Building a new life in the Transformational year 2021 - 5 Easy Steps

If you have ever been through a traumatic event that forced you to look at yourself and change, you will recognize it in 2020. During the past year, often I could remember how I felt during my divorce – rudderless, worthless and I could not see a way out. At the start it was fun, and people pulled all kinds of tricks out their “hats” to keep each other entertained and to do their bit to lift the global spirit.

We sort of knew we were off to a unique year early on, how unique, we had no idea.

And in March we were suddenly dumped into isolation. Time to look within, returning home. Home after all is I. Every individual on this earth carries home within. And then we were hit by a desperate financial reality. To say that feelings of hopelessness, desperation, being beaten and a general feeling of loss could be recognized in every face you past, is no understatement. We know that suicides increased this year. More people questioned who they are and what their purpose is, most likely that ever before. We were forced to make friends with ourselves and our immediate family. We learned who we could count on and who not. We learned the value of non-material things.

Living with stress and anxiety became a daily “friend” to most, as we could just not move above it. Many felt they were in constant survival – and for many they still are in survival.

I do not want you to look at the past year as time lost. I am not going to tell you to ask yourself what lessons did you learn this year? You would have done that already.

What I do want to do is, is to give you something that might give you a little inspiration.

1. A year that time will be measured by. If this year has proved one thing, it is that people can work remotely, and very successfully. In January 2020 you would have been likely to loose your temper if someone suggested that you change your way of working – because you would have believed that it is impossible. Well, that changed overnight. I am not saying you must now work remotely, what I am saying is that the “jobs” that will be around in 5 to 10 years from now, does not exist yet. And that is why 2020 will be the year we think back on as the year life changed. So, you now can invent whatever you want to do. And as you now have the opportunity, why not create something that excites you. No questions, no explanation. The time has also arrived to no longer worry about keeping up with the rest – “survival” can bring freedom. It is in that moment when you no longer care about others, except that you must survive, that you become creative and things change for you. Can you turn your passion into your income?

2. The best revenge is to live a good life. I was told this by an 11-year-old one day, and boy, the reward is amazing. Imagine you can re-ignite that little rebel streak inside of you that you had as a teenager. You know, when you were told you can’t do something, and you said: watch me. Not diminishing the general energy of feeling tired and a lack of motivation, but just imagine you stood up now and said: just watch me. You could become unstoppable. As a teenager you placed all your focus on that which you wanted to proof. You could taste it and feel it. You were not prepared to let anyone, or anything stop you. What is a good life to you? No matter what you think financially, a good life is a life where you feel loved, content, fulfilled and at peace. Money can’t buy any of these, but oh heck, they sure make you feel a million dollars.

3. Upturn in stock markets 3rd and 4th quarter. We are a resilient bunch of humans. Globally there was an upswing in the markets as we emerged back onto the “world stage”. It can be seen as proof that people and companies are ready to do business. We learned during the year that we must support each other, and if the larger markets are an indication, and with our collective understanding that we must look after the “small man”, there is likely all possibility that the small entrepreneur, when he/she offers a good and unique service, that they succeed. And link that with your “teenage challenge determination”, and you are holding a winning combination. People are ready to do business, which holds promise for the year ahead. Are you ready to be part of the business?

4. For the greater good of all. It became apparently clear the past year, that we cannot rely on “outside” sources to look after us. We, as a community, as citizens of this country, must do it for ourselves and each other. It is time to “grow-up” and take ownership of everything regarding our future. You are not a victim, you are powerful. As you are stepping into your new future, think what kind of society do you want to live in and how will you impact it? It might be to plant trees. It could be to organize cleanup groups to clean a river. It might be planting veggies on your pavement. Maybe you could become part of a “homework group” to assist children. There are so many things you can do, but it is time that we take responsibility and understand that we are part of a greater whole.

5. You are the words you speak. How do you talk about yourself? What words do you use to describe your current situation? What you watch, mainstream or social media – is it positive and uplifting? It is very difficult for us to watch negative news and programs all day, and then walk out and be positive. The choice is yours to make – you are standing at the fork in the road, which way will you turn? We take all of this in on a subconscious level, and when you realise that 95% of your life is run from your subconscious, you might begin to understand how important it is to feed your subconscious, positive, empowering information. Will you love yourself enough after all these months of introspection, and choose what is best for you?

Every year we greet the new year with great hope and expectation. This year, I am asking you to greet the year, knowing that you are going to give it your best and make full use of the next 365 days and to use each day as a step towards your desired future.

My very best wishes for 2021 and encouraging you to become comfortable with change and growth.

Please contact me for any transformation or life coaching. I am passionate about the future of the entrepreneur in South Africa and make it my business to help you become the best version of yourself in your business by teaching you new concepts and techniques.

Sue Leppan

Transformation Life Coach

NLP Practitioner

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