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Do the programs in your sub-conscious mind support your envisaged future? Why do we think the rich attracts wealth and poor becomes poorer? What is the difference between these two? Have you ever considered the programs they run in their sub-conscious might be the difference? 

I firmly believe that the entrepreneur is the future. Employing the right people who can be outcome based, having a clear vision, setting a business culture that is true to your vision, and creating and contributing actively to society, will set you apart from the rest and ensure the future of your business.

The moment you wake in the morning, and you no longer feel excited about the day, you know, but will not easily admit, that something has to give. You wake up with that feeling in the pit of your stomach and anxiety kicks in even before you brushed your teeth. But what can change? Are you scared, and every morning you try to convince yourself that you can't because of a multitude of reasons? This becomes your routine and you are setting yourself up for disappointment and eventually illness. Very soon your negative beliefs will run your whole day and you will feel like you can no longer escape your stress, anxiety, depression, frustration, anger, etc. Your routine has started and with it you are building on a habit.

Do you feel stuck in your current job or position? You know you can move ahead, but you just cannot find that motivation and you keep running into a brick wall?  Why do you always get passed up for the promotion? 


You see different jobs being advertised, better pay, better working conditions, but somehow you cannot get yourself to move on these jobs?  You are not sure that you will fit in, better the devil you know, and so many more reasons not to apply?

Have you always wanted to own your own business and have tried a few times, it just never works for you?  Do you feel like there is something working against you and you cannot find the willpower to push it through?  Are you perplexed by how to make a success of your business?


Have you ever experienced problems with managing your anger? How often do you spend your day in frustration and stress, running from the one disaster situation to the next? Do you have a high staff turn-over and it is costing you money? Do you struggle to set goals because you think they are going to lead to failure? Are you at a point of confrontation and disagreements with your business partner that affects your business?


Have you been searching for Career, Business and Entrepreneurial Coaching? How much longer do you want to carry on on your current track, before you are ready to change the only thing you can - YOU?


First, let me tell you that willpower will only work for so long.  Ask me, I have tried that a few times.  The effort behind willpower is so huge that we burn out long before we reach a fraction of our goal.


Chances are also very good that your goal setting is not achievable and that the process you follow to reach it is not sustainable and unrealistic in the time allowed. It might even be that your goals are too small ... Are you truly aligned with your goal?  Does your inner voice support your goal?  Is your inner conflict tripping you up around every corner?


I have tried many ways to build my own business. I got started, worked it for a while.  Through sheer willpower initially and then later letting it fizzle out just to be furious with myself or to blame someone else or circumstances.  And afterwards I was so deflated that I just wanted to do nothing. I knew I had it in me to achieve all these things I wanted, but somehow, I just could not do it. Eventually, you sabotage yourself even before you start.

Do you still believe you cannot change your current situation? Do you still believe that you cannot afford 16 hours? What are you prepared to pay or loose before you make the change?

If only I had known about this Transformation Process, things would have been so different for me on so many levels.  I now know for a start, that my values were not aligned with my goal. I know that my goal setting was pie in the sky. I know that my inner voice (inner conflict) was not working in my favour. I am now growing a successful and profitable business. I found career and entrepreneural guidance. My values and empowering /positive beliefs are now my guiding system.


In business, time is money and money is going to waste while you fumble around in the dark.


You have a unique vision for your business, do not get lost in complacency and conforming to society. 


If you have 16 dedicated hours, I can support you in achieving a total Transformation and becoming “Captain of your own Ship”.  Building a successful and profitable business is within your reach.


As Captain you will discover that you have:


  • A healthy and strong self-image

  • Abilities and talents that you will acknowledge – self-worth

  • Rid yourself of your Inner Conflict

  • Created a new Driver Focus Filter

  • Set a new belief system that will support your goal

  • Removed Negative / Limiting Beliefs

  • Aligned with the direction you want to take and achieve your goals

  • The ability to set clear and achievable goals

  • Removed procrastination

  • The motivation to tackle your project

  • The ability to be a good leader and build good relationships with your co-workers or employees.

  • Have the 'get up and go' to tackle every day

  • Become driven and focus orientated towards achieving your goals

  • Attract and see opportunities

  • You have grown your Emotional Intelligence

  • You are growing a profitable and sustainable business


What will all this be worth to you? You possibly are hours away from changing your life, and counting ...

My clients know that they are responsible for their success. Gift yourself to start the process.  Your time is now. 

Today is truly the first day in the rest of your life. Take charge of your ship today! Do not let your ship set sail without you at the steer. Book your free session with me today. I am your life coach and you do not need to do this alone.




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