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Do you often feel that you have a force working against you?


For many years I use to feel that no matter how hard I work, nothing worked out. My intentions were to be successful and become independent, but I never seemed to be able to see it through. I remember buying a shop and refurbishing it and within 3 weeks I sold it. It was suddenly all just too much and I ran. I should have taken the time to become quiet, acknowledge my strengths, become focused, remembered why I wanted the shop, etc. and then I should have worked from there. That was only one of many. Some times I spoke myself out of growing the business.

And then, when my divorce came, I was so comfortable in my misery. I knew this place very well. I had been on anti-depressants, energy boosters, seen psychologists, alternative medicines and techniques - you name it I tried it. And somehow, this was the one time something inside of me triggered that I had to find the answers inside of me. For 6 years I worked very hard every day - if only I had asked the right questions and searched for the right help.

You can search around for 27 years if you want, like I did, or you can make a change here today.

Using a variety of disciplines, including various Life Coaching Techniques, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Psychology, Mind Set Strategies, Quantum Physics, and much more, my focus is to assist you in finding the power and motivation within yourself.  Would you like to take the leap and start building a new life? How would you like to invest 16 hours, to discovering what is "that force that is working against you" and how to build new beliefs and behaviour patterns?

We have all heard that we use only 5 % of our brain. 5% - yes, because that is the conscious part of the brain that we are aware of and that we have “control” over. So, what about the other 95%?  Why can we not “control” it and how do we access it to use it?

The 95 % is our subconscious mind.  The power force of our model of the World. Our subconscious mind is the recording system.  Every stimulation gets recorded (through the 5 senses), filtered, filed and called upon during every second of our lives. It is a powerful computer, running in the background and we are oblivious to effect on our lives. The reality? We set it up during our life - some of the believes we live by now, we set up as a 3 year old.


There is no way that you can get up one morning and decide through pure willpower that you are now going to wipe the history record clean and from here on start on a clean slate.  The effort needed through this process will leave you exhausted and disappointed. 

What makes me different?

You might have read 1 or 10, or maybe no self-help books. You have either gained an understanding and know what to do, or like so many, you know what they say, but you are just not getting there. Or every now and then you hit the jackpot - once every 10 years. Do you call that success?


Would you like to gain practical knowledge, learn skills and understand why it has not worked till now, even though you have bought the books?


This is the one time in your life where you get to choose your dates. You do not have to fall in with pre-set sessions. The 16 hours are tailor made around your diary - and we work with that which is most on your mind. How many times have you started with a coach, therapist, etc. just to start cancelling sessions and eventually not to finish? I know life gets in the way. Coming to Wilderness gives you the opportunity to remove yourself from the daily behavioural patterns, routine, and being part of the problem. This is your individual workshop. Imagine being able to work on the things that is relevant to only you? What would you give to have that dedicated time? 16 Hours of your time, invested in your future.

Have you ever tried to wipe something out of your mind just to find it even more embedded than before?


The reason? You are fighting a 5% battle (your conscious / logical mind) against a 95% giant (your subconscious).


Why do you lose this battle? : Your subconscious has one purpose and that is for you to survive and stay alive - our model of the world, set up by ourselves. Many times we were not even aware that we were doing it. Because of this ongoing process that you are not even aware off,  your values and beliefs are set so deep and are entrenched in who you are.  Your every action is taken in alignment with your subconscious beliefs, values, emotions, culture, etc.  Even when they do not seem to serve you, the motivation behind the action of your subconscious is a positive motivation – believe me. Our subconscious dictates the life we will live, no matter how hard you work in the opposite direction through willpower and your conscious mind. 


But, there is a way to change all of this.  There is a way to wipe your “history record” and build a new one.

Through the process of Transformation Life Coaching, you have the ability to delete your limiting and negative beliefs into empowering beliefs, change your self-image into a positive image, change your habits and so much more.


Would you like to have the opportunity to live a fulfilled life, to live a life of peace and harmony, have better relationships with everyone you come into contact with, live in a healthier body, live a motivated life, and a life of positive outlooks? Would you like to succeed in your career and achieve all your goals?

The program is very a powerful combination of the various disciplines. As your coach, I am here to support and coach you to do the inner work so that your outside life can be purposeful, successful, fulfilled and positive. 


The Process will take you through:


  • Establishing your Driving Force Conscious

  • Powerful Questions

  • Settings Goals

  • Explaining how the Subconscious works

  • Understanding what your Focus Filters are and setting new ones

  • Establish Your Inner Conflict

  • Eliminating Inner Conflict (for inner peace)

  • Explaining how Negative Emotions are established

  • Neutralising the top 5 Negative Emotions (such as fear, doubt, anger, hurt, anxiety, rejections, etc)

  • Establishing New Empowering Positive Beliefs

  • Eliminate Anxiety

  • Establish Self-Love

  • Organising your personal Hierarchy of Value (not moral)

  • Installing Empowering Behaviour/Habit/Attitude

  • Changing your Self Image

  • Generate New Behaviour

  • Formulate and establish your Goal(s)

  • Take actions forward


We are working towards:


  • A Positive Self Image

  • Find Self-Love and Acceptance

  • Find Fulfillment on many levels in your life

  • Motivation

  • Align your values with your goals

  • Release Negative and Limiting Beliefs that held you back

  • No longer be controlled by your emotions

  • Find Inner Peace – no more negative self-talk

  • Better relationships with People

  • A life that you live Consciously

  • Find Yourself

  • Find your life purpose and know how to achieve it

  • The ability to set achievable goals

  • Set clear steps towards your goals

  • Be focused on your future and success


Can you afford not to give 16 dedicated hours to your future? 

I offer both "in person" and online coaching.

97% of my clients (from all over the country) invest this time in themselves and book into one of the lovely guest houses in my area and we dedicate 2 and a half days to transforming them. They take the time to reflect and formulating the new life they want. Lovely walks massages, quiet time is all here waiting for you to grow and become who you always wanted to be. You are welcome to book weekly sessions as well - I advise that you complete the course over 4 weeks. Follow up calls via Skype/Zoom for continued support or, some book a full day every few months. Speak to me, there are various ways of doing this. 


You are here, take the time and book your hour free session with me now.  Why wait and struggle and be frustrated through another day?

Book your free session today


Contact me here today to book a free, no-obligation session to assess your

needs and how I can help you.


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