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4 Week Self-Study Course towards Discovering your Peace and Love 


As we have all been “sent” home since March 2020, more people have had the time to ask: Who am I?  Why am I here? How do find my strength to carry on?

When we look at the symbolic of this time, it is becoming more and more clear that we need to turn to “the self”. The true home.


As businesses were closed (many very sadly forever), borders closed, we were separated from family and friends and we are encouraged to stay home, everything is pointing to “home”. And where is home? Home is within us. We are home. I learned this through my divorce – my greatest fear was losing my home and family. And then it happened. I had to leave the family home as it was on a farm, my children were out of the home doing their own thing. During those days, I learned that I remain the ultimate home and wherever I go, home goes with me. This brought security for me, stability, belonging, and peace.

I am so proud of you that you want to take this opportunity to find your “true home”- YOU. And then to proceed and decorate it with JOY!

What will the 4 weeks comprise of?

Every week you will receive information around a specific topic for the week, to guide you towards YOU.

But that is not all.

You will also receive Actions to do daily. They are designed to take you inwards, but they are “short/quick” enough that you can still carry on with your daily task.

And there is more.

I provide you with your worksheet for every day. You do not have to find a book. Print the worksheets out.

Your Super Bonus.

I have created a “closed” Facebook page for members of this online course. You are welcome to post on there what you have learned, how your day is going and share uplifting and positive posts. You are also welcome to ask questions and support each other. I will pop in from time to time – as I still have clients – to answer your questions.


From time to time, I will pop in on this Facebook page for a “LIVE” chat and you are welcome to post your questions.

How much are you prepared to pay for all of this?

It is not only in money that we value things. I searched for 6 years on my own to find my joy and love for myself. I stumbled and I dragged myself up at times, but I was determined to “beat” this. Reading lots, attending workshops, both in person and online. Qualified as a Life Coach in the process. I searched and I practiced what I learned. And then I started writing this course 3 years ago. 

I was not ready to release it until I felt that you will gain the maximum from this investment. Nine months ago, I sat down and started working in earnest again.

And now I am ready to share this with you.

I did not have it nicely packaged, I worked and search daily and then had to sit down a formalize the process I followed over 6 years. This is how I found the person I am and whom I love. All I desire is for you to experience even a little of what it is to be truly free within yourself. That is the ultimate freedom.

As a Transformation Life Coach, I have learned the value of the individual. How we deny ourselves through our limiting beliefs and the way we talk to ourselves. We are our own worse enemy, and we struggle to escape. We walk with ourselves every day. Because of this, it is vitally important that we make friends with ourselves, and that we love ourselves unconditionally. Just as you would your best friend, child or spouse.

Imagine feeling better about yourself, and therefore being more secure in the larger world? Imagine receiving practical steps on how to achieve your, from someone who has walked the path.

How much are you prepared
to pay to find the true you?

Because this workshop is the first I offer, I have decided to offer it at a hugely discounted price of only:


Similar workshops will cost you more than R1 800.00.
Calling in the services of a Life Coach can cost you anything
from R450.00/ hour to R2500.00/hour.

What is the price you put on peace of mind and guidance on how to find your inner joy?

Don’t delay. This workshop will not be offered at this price again. Invest in yourself today. Sign up and discover YOU and your JOY. For only R465.00 You receive the guidance you always seek. In the process, you find answers to your questions.

Now, can you afford not to invest R465.00?

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