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You, the Upstart Entrepreneur – Are you an asset or a liability?

If you're an aspiring entrepreneur, you've probably taken all the necessary steps to start your business. You may have created a business plan, obtained financial support, secured premises, and completed a long list of tasks for each sector of your business. You're excited to get your business off the ground, and your passion to succeed is what drives you. Finally, the day arrives, and your doors open, or your business goes live on the internet.

However, now that your business has launched, your focus must shift from simply doing tasks to being the captain and emotional engine of your business. Some people may tell you that "it's only business, it's not personal," but this is not the case for you. This business is your brainchild, your baby, and you have invested both physically and emotionally into this venture. While you had support from family and friends up until this point, the adrenaline rush of starting a new business cannot continue indefinitely. It's not good for your physical health, and it's not possible to sustain it.

The honeymoon period for your business has ended, and now it's time to face the day-to-day reality of running your business.

How will you maintain your passion, drive, and focus during periods when you feel insecure, scared, and doubt starts to creep in? You may come across people who take pleasure in spreading negativity about the bad economy, crime, and seasonal trends. There might be that one critical client who makes you feel demotivated, and your day becomes a struggle. Technical tools tend to fail at the worst possible moment.

Many entrepreneurs feel isolated and alone. Despite our dreams and desires, as entrepreneurs, we seek to feel part of a larger community. When we realize that others have similar problems and have found solutions, we feel less alone. Sharing our problems and solutions with like-minded people can be a great comfort and help us stay motivated.

As an entrepreneur, you will face times when you must dig deep to stay positive and motivated. The life of an entrepreneur can be challenging, but you have what it takes to lead and succeed. Remember this and stay focused on your goals.

Guidelines to help you stay on track as you grow your dream into the best reality it can ever be.


1.    Know your bigger picture. Know why you set out on this entrepreneurial path. What is your intention?


We often embark on the path of starting a business with inspiration, excitement, and a lot of enthusiasm. We have a vision of success and providing a valuable service. However, life happens, and we can get bogged down in the day-to-day routine, which can cause us to forget our original intention and the vision we had.

Therefore, even if you have already started your business, it's important to make time and write down your intention for the business. Visualize how you want this venture to materialize and paint a clear picture of your business. Whenever you feel doubtful, remind yourself of this vision by reading it. Return to the time when you were enthusiastic and felt unstoppable. Use this vision as your anchor, and never let it go.


2.    Only set goals that are your goals. It is easy to get pulled into the excitement of the moment and allow the ego to take on more and bigger.


As an entrepreneur, it is important to set sustainable goals that align with your core business. It can be tempting to take on more and bigger goals in the excitement of the moment, but this can lead to diversification that is not beneficial in the long run. Remember that entrepreneurship is a marathon, not a sprint. Every step you take should be towards the bigger picture of where you want your business to go. Keep your focus on the end goal and ensure that the actions you take every day move you closer to that goal.


3.    Unhappy people dump on other people – they look for a garbage truck.


It's important to remember that unhappy people may try to steal your joy. They may be struggling with deep-seated unhappiness that only they can deal with, making it difficult for them to understand why others can be happy and positive. Instead of tapping into your enthusiasm, they may try to drag you down into their pain. It's up to you to decide whether you want to let them do that or stay focused on your positivity.


When a client gives you valid criticism and offers a positive solution, it's your responsibility to investigate it rather than dismiss it. At the end of the day, it's just information, and you can choose to change or remain on the same path.


It's important to remember that not all criticism is negative, and not all information is relevant to you. Sometimes you need to welcome it, and other times you need to let it pass you by.


4.    On “bad” days, put effort into doing something that will lift you. It might be the most important step you take for your business.


Adversity is inevitable, and it can be challenging to navigate through it. As entrepreneurs, it's essential to assess our commitment to our venture during such times. We need to identify areas where we can grow and learn to remain calm amidst the chaos.


When faced with difficult days, it's crucial to be kind to yourself and find something that uplifts your spirit. You are responsible for nurturing yourself, and you need to provide yourself with the love and security you desire. Don't worry about what others have to say; focus on what you require. You are the emotional engine of your business, and if you are running on empty, you won't be able to invest energy into your venture. Learn to be your own best friend and take care of yourself.


5.    Find a mentor, or a coach or join a networking group. You know your business, but as the power behind the business, you need support.


Investing in yourself is an asset to your business. It's important to be strong, confident, motivated, and focused so that you can achieve what you set out to do as an entrepreneur. To accomplish this, you can read books, and biographies, listen to podcasts, speak to established entrepreneurs, and appoint a coach who can help you awaken your potential.


As humans, we are social beings, and we feel stronger when we are part of a group or culture. However, not all of our friends might be on the same path as us, and they might not be able to provide us with the support or sense of belonging that we need. This is where joining a strong networking group can be beneficial. Make sure you join a like-minded group and take what you need while giving back to the group. A well-organized networking group can be a great asset to your business and provide you with a sense of social belonging.


The life of an entrepreneur can be challenging at times, but on the whole, it has the potential to be the greatest gift you ever give yourself. You will tap into your confidence, patience, ability to remain focused, and discernment. You will ask yourself to show up every day and grow in the process. The rewards are innumerable and will align with your intention. Even if you sometimes feel like it will never come, the day will arrive when you look back at the most amazing experience, knowing that you have succeeded and achieved a sense of accomplishment. You will have played a valuable role in your community and be recognized as a leader and conscientious participant.

I know you can. You know you can. Between here and there, you must just show up every day for yourself.

(You are welcome to contact me for a free-of-charge, obligation-free, half-hour consultation.)


Sue Leppan

Master Transformation Life Coach

NLP Practitioner

Qualified Energy Codes® Facilitator

Qualified BEST® Practitioner

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