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The Power of your Thoughts on your Future and your Health.

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

There are many quotes I can give that holds vital truths about our thoughts. You become what you think. You are the product of your thoughts (Gandhi). Imagination is the power of the mind over the possibilities of things (Wallace Stevens). If you comprehend how powerful your thoughts are, you will never think a negative thought.

Every thought we think is creating our future (Louise Hay).

Everything on this planet was and will always be created by thought first. The chair you sit on. The phone or laptop you read this blog on. The food you eat today. Everything starts with a thought and then we proceed to actively create through our actions. That is how it works on Earth. Thoughts create.

Unfortunately, we do not live consciously enough to be aware of our thoughts and to stop them in the moment. Saying we do not live consciously enough does not mean that you could not achieve that state. It is possible for every person to reach such a level of consciousness, where you are fully aware of your every thought and action. You must want it enough though to reach elevated levels of consciousness. You were born with it, but through conditioning and your own programming you have become less and less conscious. Because we choose ‘the easy route’, we are ‘lazy’ to the work required to attain these elevated levels of consciousness.

The result of reaching higher levels of consciousness is change. The reward is a life filled with conscious creation and no victimhood.

We carelessly think negative thoughts out of envy, anger, hurt, and fear. We wish bad onto others when we feel powerless or victimized. In our anger we feel justified for the thoughts we have, but we never take a second to think what impact our thoughts might have on us.

Buddha said: Holding onto anger is like drinking poison expecting the other person to die.

This is true of any ‘negative’ emotion you hold – fear, envy, sadness, etc. While you are experiencing this emotion, and you might direct your thoughts to the other person, in reality the only person poisoned by it is you.

How can this be so negative to me if I am only thinking it and I am not even angry or hateful to myself? How can my thoughts have a detrimental effect on me?

Your negativity directly affects your life. It is the creator of the kind of life you will experience, and science now shows your thoughts have a direct influence on your health.

1. How often during the day do you have negative thoughts? Are you aware of your thought patterns? Most people are not aware of how quickly and randomly their thoughts shift.

Should you take a moment now and attempt to trace where your current thought ‘train’ started, could you? Unless we have something specific pre-occupying our thought process currently, we will discover that thoughts may change amazingly fast. From one topic to another within milliseconds. You might even find that your thought pattern holds a negative thread that runs through all your thoughts.

We condition ourselves into a certain pattern of thought. Once we engage a certain perspective of how we perceive our world, we enter an auto-pilot state where we are hardly aware of our surroundings, while our thoughts will shift from the one to the next in a moment. If you find life hard, difficult, and unfair, your day will be filled with situations that will prove that to you. On the other hand, should you feel gratitude, love, and appreciation for everything in your life, your life will be filled with gifts.

It is difficult to move from a negative thought pattern to a positive thought pattern, but it is not impossible. You have two options: Either do it through will power and correct your thought pattern every time you become aware of it by shifting to a positive thought, and/or learn techniques that will clear old, engrained patterns for you. The study of Neuroplasticity ( ) and ( has shown that we can change out thought patterns – the brain is quite ‘pliable’ that way. Our understanding today of how the subconscious works and how we are responsible for the programming of it, and how we can change the programming (neuroplasticity), has cleared the obstacles previously held around the subconscious mind and the limitations we believed to be our predestined shortcomings.

Continued negative thought patterns hold the possibility to ensure that the way you view your life, and therefore your world, will be as a life of struggle and strife. Compare this to the person who seems to float through life, unaffected by the day-to-day difficulties that others seem to suffer. The difference between these two groups is that the one group chooses to focus on the positive within and around them. This group has grabbed the opportunity of re-wiring their brains and the old pathways into new positive, life-giving thoughts.

2. You might not be aware of it, but your thoughts directly affect your health. It is no wonder that we find people who live in a dark cloud of negativity has all kinds of destructive events that happen to them. It is as though they are a magnet to disaster and illness.

Epigenetics, the study of gene expression without affecting the DNA, shows that we hold the power to either ‘switch on’ or ‘switch off’ our personal gene expression. It is no longer acceptable that we are victims of our heredity. These beliefs may play out as we develop cancer, have heart disease, etc, but we hold the power to affect our gene expression and therefore not be doomed to certain illnesses and diseases.

What epigenetics found is that a negative thought environment, your body in this case, has the power to affect your ‘illnesses’ by up to 95% of you contracting an illness or not. What it means is that by living in a negative body, which often is created by your negative thoughts (95%), you are at a higher risk of contracting illnesses, in some cases what is called dreaded diseases and hereditary illnesses. This does not mean that there are not serious medical conditions that is hereditary over which we have truly little control over. Be sure to inform yourself of all viable options in the treatment of any dis-ease.

Many are familiar with the term placebo – a sugar pill that holds the possibility of healing serious ailments, simply because the ‘patient’ believed that they received the best medication for their disease or illness. The opposite is true as well – called nocebo. This is the condition where we quite literally think ourselves ill. To take a simple example: place yourself in the vicinity of a child with head lice and see how quickly you can convince yourself that you also have headlice. Now imagine growing up, and being told that you are predestined to have heart disease? What do you think the chances are that you might end up with exactly that disease?

When we begin to understand the implication of what epigenetics describes, we realise that the word disease is an indication of a body in dis-ease. This dis-ease we experience, is caused by our emotional state which we could classify as a negative state. Food, exercise, and supplements certainly have a role to play in the creation of this negative state. The greater role though, stems from our emotions which is determined by our thoughts due to the beliefs we hold.

It is important to understand that even though you might be a ‘positive’ thinker, prolonged negative thought patterns could still influence your body, as the emotional state that you predominantly live in, is still active and affecting your body on a cellular level. It is important to clear the ‘residue’ of negative emotions on a cellular level.

Your thoughts hold the key to the kind of future you will experience and the level of health you will have available to enjoy that future.

It is vitally important that we start taking responsibility for our lives. We no longer have the excuse of blaming the other person, the economy, the family, and any of the many ‘reasons’ beyond our control. It is time to return to yourself, take charge of your beliefs, control your thoughts, and start creating the future you desire to experience.

Master your beliefs and master your future. Master your emotions and master your health.

Your emotional state and the thoughts you have around that state have a direct effect on your health and the type of future you will experience. The power to change all of this lies with the choices you will make. Changing your life around is within your grasp. The choice of how you will achieve this is also yours to make.

A favourite quote from Dr. MT Morter Jnr: There is no wrong way, there is only a long way.

Sue Leppan

Transformation Life Coach

NLP Practitioner

Energy Codes Facilitator

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