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Your Life Transformation Begins now!

Have you ever asked questions like:


  • Why do I feel not good enough and tired of myself?

  • Will I ever recover from this heart-breaking divorce?

  • Why do I fight an uphill battle against my dreams?

  • How do I get out of this rut and lead a successful life?

  • How can I make progress in my career?

  • Do I have what it takes to start my business?


If any of these questions resonate with you then you are in the right place and I would love for you to read further.





I'm Sue


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Hi, I am Susan or Sue.  Not very fussy about what you call me, as long as it is with respect. And respect is part of the reason I ended up on this path, after my own long journey towards self-love. 


I am a qualified transformation life coach and found this calling through walking my own painful and challenging personal transformation that has helped me discover who I really am and want from life. It left me excited about the change I can create in the lives of others through sharing this knowledge. Click below to learn more about my personal story.



Transformational Life Coachig

Are you caught up with personal drama, or do you struggle with finding the motivation to chase your dreams? Read more about how achieving inner freedom can    change your life!


Today more marriages break up than ever before. You may have become a statistic, but that does not help you deal with the emotional trauma.

Work with a coach who can truly understand what is going on inside. 


Do you feel stuck in your current job or have you ever wanted to create your own business but are too afraid of failing? Dreams only become real with action. Let me help you take the first step today. 

What People Are Saying

I arrived not exactly sure what to expect, but hoping to at least learn something about myself.  I left with so much more than that! 


My experience with Sue was truly profound. Her genuine and warm nature created a safe, encouraging and supportive environment.


It wasn’t just about learning a new way of thinking, the main benefit was experiencing these teachings first hand as we went along. She has a calm and logical way about her and although challenging at times, there were many fun moments which I will never forget.


I started off by not knowing where to begin. By the time I left, I made a lifelong friend... ME!


RK, April 2018


I was very skeptical and did not think that anything could work for me, I have tried so many times. Thank Heavens! You encouraged me to come and watch a video, which made me understand more of what was lying ahead.


Thanks to you and all your patience, you guided me from a lost and broken person to here, where I can be myself again. I will be eternally grateful, and I look forward to tackling the next phase. I am now ready to work deeper on myself with your guidance.


Again, I want to say thank you to you.


THANK YOU FOR ME. You helped me to be me again.

LB, August 2018

It is incredible to know/discover how the mind works and its capacity to create.


I feel relieved, empowered and equipped to go and live my best life.


Sue is easy to interact with. She is able to explain the process and use her techniques in a way that fosters confidence and trust in her.

LS, February 2019

Sue is professional ..., she really want what is best for you.

I find it (course) very uplifting...

GS, April 2019

The process (course) requires one to take charge, for you are really the master of your own destiny.

I have found new energy to make something good of my life.

Sue is such a calm, reassuring person, not getting upset by anything, and totally focused on helping and guiding lost souls back to their purpose and finding meaning in their lives.


CVA, April 2019

Less than 3 Months:

Hi Sue, I just wanted to write and tell you I've gotten a transfer ...   huge job, just right inside my wheelhouse. So, thanks for teaching me what you did. Really appreciate it.

CVA, July 2019

Sue, you helped me toss out a whole heap of bad elements. It was hard work, but liberating at the end. This has been the best thing I could have possibly done for myself. I have found the true me, the changed me and it's super exciting to meet her.


SW June 2019

I have experienced major shifts .. (Sue) effectively coached and elicited hidden emotions and I can feel even in physical body major changes had occured. Sue was like fresh water to a thirsty body to me & I am thankful that I had found her ...

AC June 2019

As a person coming with years of "self-development" experience behind me, I knew a lot "in theory" and understand things intellectually, but couldn't quite break down the limiting beliefs at an emotional level. This weekend has given me a greater understanding of the root causes behind what's been holding me back and most importantly, the tools to move forward.

... I am confident that in the years to come, I will look back on this weekend as the changing point in my life.

DD August 2019

What  a privilege to receive guidance from a person who's values are right and who has the patience to assist you in solving your problems. Thank you for your very professional guidance. (Translated)

JN August 2019

The first time I spoke to you I was crying in a parking lot. ... You took me on a journey of love and healing like I have never experienced before. ...I'm excited for what my path has in store for me ... good and bad ... because now I have the skills to deal with all of it. I LOVE me! There isn't a greater gift. ... MORE of that please world!

SS January 2021

Thank you for the positive impact you had and breakthrough with (Name) ... She is back at school away from online and interacting with her friends... Thank you for being you and the impact you made...Sue, God had a clear purpose in my Google search that day when your name appeared. I am so grateful to you. Thank you. 

RJ January 2021

I had no idea that I had so many limiting beliefs about myself I had no idea that I was preventing & blocking real magic in my own life. ... Thank you for showing me how magnificent I really am. Thank you guiding me through each process and giving me the tools to become a better version of myself. ... To love myself unconditionally, to really believe in my goals and dreams and ultimately in myself. ... You are truly an amazing & committed person. You are a true beacon of light and and inspiration to society

JS June 2021

Ek kon nie die pad vorentoe sien nie. Ek het nie geweet hoe om dit te loop nie en nou is daar lig - lig op die pad en lig in myself.  Sue se werk met my het my anders laat dink en kyk na myself en my lewe - maar dit het nie een oomblik gevoel asof dit maar net haar "werk" is nie, maar dat sy my regtig op my pad wil help.

S June 2021

The way you organise this workshop is really amazing. It is simple and so powerful. ...  These sessions with you have really turned upside down these beliefs to set me up for success. I really believe for the first time that I can achieve success and happiness in everything I set myself to achieve. ... I cannot wait to continue this work with you as I see it as the start of a new and successful journey.

MdC August 2021

... Sue has provided me with practical steps and toll[s] I need to improve myself and achieve my goals....

LS Februray 2023

A few days with Sue and I have already noticed small but life altering changes in my inner world..... I feel like I have finally met me - and she is lovely!

NM August 2023

She geared the programme to my style of learning ... I felt very supported and encouraged  ...  I can feel the benefits already and I am excited about what lies ahead....

SA July 2023

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