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Have you ever asked: Who am I? Are you struggling with what you are doing here?

A time arrives in our lives where we ask these uncomfortable questions of ourselves. Those questions that no other person can answer for us, but we search outside of ourselves anyway.

The Energy Codes® is a 7-Step System to Awaken your Spirit, Heal your Body, and to Live your Best Life.


Most people at some time or another wanted answers to the questions of Why am I here? Why is life such a struggle? Why do some people struggle and other have it easy? How do I live as a whole – all that I am: Body, Mind, and Soul?

If you are here on this page, you are searching for answers. The journey is one we must walk ourselves, but we do not have to walk it alone. Through the Energy Codes® we take systematic and progressive steps towards the discovery of the True You.

In our quest for answers, while living a life of much conditioning and accepting labels assigned to us, we have lost ourselves – we have become a ‘dispersed being’. We have learned to identify with the labels of woman/man, daughter/son, husband/wife, a labourer/CEO, healthy/ill, strong/weak, and so many more. Our whole lives are built around the labels we have taken on board. Just like our mobile phones, we are running on many apps at any particular moment. We are spread thin, and we start to ‘disperse’. It is in that moment that we start to question everything.

We loose the true essence of our true self.


We become disconnected to ourselves. We work harder and harder, but it seems we are in a race to nowhere, from a place we have never left. But who are you behind all those labels? Who is the true you?

Science today shows that what remains unresolved emotionally, will eventually show up in our physical body as an illness. We are energy beings and with so many ‘apps’ open, we start to work slower and less effective. We start asking these questions of ourselves in a hope of finding some relieve and our way ‘back to ourselves’. The truth is that we often do not even know that we have lost ourselves in the process of living life. The self that always remains quietly within, always ready to come to the fore as the authentic self.

If you are ready to be:

  • an integrated, balanced being,

  • to live your true passion,

  • find your purpose,

  • to have energy to live your life fully,

  • to understand why you are here,

  • what you might have set out to acquire during your ‘lifespan’,

  • leave victimhood behind you,

  • discover and harness your self-healing abilities,

  • understand your role in the greater scheme of things, and

  • live your BEST LIFE

then this is the opportunity to become all you seek.

Through this process we will examine:

  • How to move from victim to the empowered you.

  • What the Quantum Flip is.

  • The role of the subconscious in your life.

  • Anchoring back into the body.

  • The language of your True Self?

  • The role that Love plays, and in particular Unconditional Self Love.

  • The importance of and the role of the Breath.

  • You as one of the Many

  • Living as the True Self.


During this process you will learn powerful techniques to assist you on your path forward.

“These practices teach you to build new internal circuitry that supports your true nature as an energy being. By reestablishing a natural flow of energy in the body, you create a shift in your identity from Protective Personality to Soulful Self”. – Dr Sue Morter Energy Codes®

Life certainly takes us on many different paths. We can never sit in judgement of another person. What is chaos to the fly is order to the spider – Mortitia Addams. We are each finding our way ‘back home’, home to the true self.

There is a saying: When the student is ready, the teacher will appear. (Tao Te Ching) Dr Sue Morter has given us guided steps towards that self-discovery. I use her work and the work of many other visionaries, call on various modalities, to give you the best information and guidance possible. Do any one of us ever know everything? All I do know is that it is a discovery, a journey well worth taking and that once you are on it, life changes. You change, and the world becomes brighter and more beautiful.

When you are ready, give me a call or follow the link below to send an email.

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