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Have you ever felt so caught in your own drama that you wanted to run away?  You have an emotional overload, nothing works out, you are depressed, you suffer from anxiety and stress. The reality is, that “drama” stays with you. You keep living it over and over every day. Do you keep telling yourself this is what I was dealt and I need to deal with it?


Have you ever looked at other people and think that they have such wonderful happy lives and all you want to do is hide in your house?  You feel all alone and that you are the only person on this earth who hide your problems and insecurities?

Do you start every day telling yourself that you are okay?  You are not so bad, you can do this?  Just to be deflated by 10 o’clock and sag into depression? You are so driven by stress and anxiety that you forgot what it felt like to be "normal".


Or do you need:


  • Motivation to complete a task

  • Motivation and focus for a sports race/event

  • Motivation and support to achieve your desired weight

  • Motivation to rid yourself of procrastination

  •  or to learn to say NO?


You may feel that you cannot escape your situation...  How about you start today!  


Dr. David Hawkins wrote an analogy which basically comes to it that even if you make a 1-degree change in the direction of a ship’s sailing direction, the initial change is minimal, but the outcome is enormous.  And this is the same with you.


Would it not be heaven on earth to have Inner Freedom?  To get to the point where you no longer want to run away from yourself?  A time where your inner thoughts go quiet and you have peace with who you are, you have full acceptance of yourself? AND you are moving towards your goal? 

The moment you start being "run" by your body, there where you feel the emotion, you become "addicted" to the feeling as you do not know what life use to be like without the stress, anger, anxiety, depression, sadness, etc. We are not singular beings - we are body, mind and soul. Your body alone cannot give you the outcome you are looking for. Eliminate the Limiting Beliefs with their associated emotions, and you can have a clear head of what you want, what you can do, and how you are going to achieve your goal.

Over many years I had seen my fair share of psychologists and used anti-depressants. Self-talk helped for a short while, but then "wheel" started again.

Forgetting about money, how much longer can you afford to stay in this state of depression, anxiety, and stress? 


The Transformation Coaching program provides you with the tools to:


  • Let go of the negative beliefs that drive you and instill supporting beliefs

  • Find that Self Growth is no longer out of your reach

  • Achieve inner peace and freedom - come in touch with happiness and joy.

  • Create a strong and healthy self-image that is lasting

  • Realise your self-worth

  • Live out the true you

  • Be clear on what decisions to make towards your dream outcome

  • Have good relationships with people around you – close relationships and friends and co-workers

  • Effortlessly create the abundant life that you always wanted.

  • Achieve acceptance and unconditional love for yourself

  • You have become the best version of yourself


How is all this possible?


As your coach, I am going to support you and accelerate this process.  With the latest healing processes’ available, we work to find the person you always wanted to be and help you to transform your life.  I will support you in setting your new goals and walking confidently towards your dream. 


What will it be worth to you? What are you prepared to give to achieve peace, calm and focus in your life? 

How would you like to create a lasting positive self-image? To take charge of your emotions? You will come to understand that there is nothing stopping you from here on forward and that there is no glass ceiling and that the sky is truly not the limit.  Discover all your hidden talents and abilities. You will learn that you are the Master of you Life, the Captain of your Ship.

How long are you prepared to carry on, on the path you are now, knowing full well that you do not have to?


Please, believe enough in yourself to discover your true self.  Book your free 30 minute session today - easy chat, no expectations.  



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