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Discover and Return to Your Balance

Humanity has entered a time of transformation, as we have never experienced. Some are comparing it to 9/11, and as the stress, fear, and anxiety progressed, we heard more people talking about a comparison to WWII. 


It does not matter what you are comparing current life to, let’s face it, people feel that life has become hard, there is an over-stimulation of information, and we live under constant fear. We are living a period with huge stress and uncertainty, all while we are continuing with life, trying to make it as normal as possible. We feel that life is out of control and no matter how hard we work, we are “digging deeper into the darkness” rather than climbing to the top of the hill.

But it has not only been the past year, we have been building to this over years and years. We constantly compare ourselves to other. We build our lives on an internal competition we have with our colleagues and friends. We hardly ever switch off from our daily struggles. Therefore, we very seldom relax and re-evaluate our life.

There is a collective feeling that we have lost our power.


Does any of this sound familiar?
• Back pain.
• Headaches.
• Sore feet or shoulders.
• Tired shoulders.
• Lethargy.
• Procrastination.
• No energy.
• Restlessness.
• Depression.
• Do you have negative self-talk?
• Are you excited about possibilities, only to let it pass you by?
• Do you feel powerless – a boat without an ore/rudder?
• Emotional flip-flopping – losing your temper easily or perhaps teary?

Do you struggle to sleep at night? Or do you find it difficult getting up in the morning? Maybe both are at play for you.


We function as a unit, a complete unit. Our physical body cannot stand alone from the emotional body. You are both Ying & Yang. We now have more scientific proof available daily, that a body in dis-ease leads to disease. A body in dis-ease is a unit that is out of balance.

Why do we reach that stage of dis-ease?

When we live the greater part of our day in stress and anxiety, which we constantly fuel through our thoughts of limitation, doubt, failure, and fear we draw resources from one part of our “system” to support the other part. 

Let me tell you a story: Imagine for a moment, you are one of the antelope, roaming the Savanna here in Africa. Suddenly, a lion appears from behind a thorn tree. In the second you see the lion, stress hormones are released. Adrenaline (Epinephrine) gets pumped into your body and you have activated your Fight-or-Flight response. As you run, hormones continue to be released to give you the power to run fast. You see everything clearly and you can avoid rocks, trees, and shrubs so you can escape the claws of the lion. Then 90 seconds later, your body returns to a state of homeostasis. And now, you continue grazing the sweet grass of the Savana.

The reason I asked you to imagine you are the antelope, is because you are no different from that antelope. Something happens in our lives and we feel the rush of epinephrine that gets pumped through our veins – fear, stress, anxiety. BUT here is the difference. You do not run or fight (or hide) and then carry on with your life after 90 seconds. You repeat the story over and over. You re-live every second over for the next day or two. Then, once a week. In the meantime, other stress responses happen, and you add these to the first stress response. 

Your body never switches off. You constantly ask your subconscious to release stress hormones so you may “fight the imaginary lion at the door”. You are now entering the stage of a body in dis-ease and the body becomes the “brain” and slowly you start an addiction to your distress. Without realizing you will do near anything to “feed” the dis-ease and here comes procrastination, etc.

Couple that with fast food, little sleep, huge responsibilities, and you become an incubator for fatigue and “disease”.

We are energy beings. What we pull from one energy hub, to support another energy hub, creates an imbalance in our wholeness.

Your wholeness is what you are searching for.

Are you ready to:
Find balance in your life?
Open your ability to be creative – that includes problem-solving and creating your desired future?
Enjoy life – personal, family, and business?
Knowing and Feel that you are in control?
Build a future that you desire?
Ready to learn how to play to your power?
Learn how the “body” works as a unit – physical and emotional?

We become “slow and heavy” because we carry too much. Are you ready to let go and become your true self?

Find your true path. Find your passion and purpose. Learn how to function as a unit.

We are energy beings. What we pull from one energy hub, to support another energy hub, creates an imbalance in our wholeness.

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