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There has never before, on this earth, been a time where so many marriages break up, compared with right now. So, you have now become one of the statistics that get thrown around, but that does not help you to deal with what is going on inside you.

When you have divorced you are probably asking yourself questions like:


  • How do I survive the heartbreak after my divorce?

  • How do I build a new life after my divorce/breakup?

  • How do I find love after my divorce?

  • How do I trust again after my divorce?

  • How do I build confidence to face the world?

  • How do I deal with my divorce?

  • Is there truly life after divorce?

  • Will I ever get up and not feel the hurt any longer?

Are you ready to break patterns and heal from this experience? Can you afford not to?

Do you have children still at home?  You have an added load now to be a good parent and a decent ex. Your children are looking up to you to see how to handle this unsettling time.  You still remain the parent – no matter what is happening inside you emotionally.


Maybe you are a bit older and suddenly your house is very empty.  Not only did you survive the “empty nest” period, you are now completely alone. 


How do you build a life for yourself from here on?  How do you stay independent and not build a life around your children? You feel that you are maybe too old now to start over?


You might even have worked with your husband/wife, but not being on the executive board, you lose your “work/employment” and how do you find the courage to go out there to build a new career?


Inside of you is a whirlpool of emotions.  They do not give you a break and run one at a time – no, they drive you insane by popping up two or three at a time.  Have you felt any of these:


  • Rejection?

  • I am not good enough?

  • What do I not have that he/she has?

  • Why can I not be loved?

  • Who will ever love me again?

  • What did I do wrong?

  • Fear?

  • Doubt?

  • Depression?

  • Anger?

  • Anxiety?

  • Distrust?

  • How do I become happy again?

  • How do I go at life alone?

  • Never, never again?

  • How do I find peace?

  • How do I forgive?


Can you afford, to stay emotionally trapped? What are you prepared to pay to change your circumstances? 

Is your divorce having an effect on every aspect of your life?  Your work suffers, you walk around like a dead person on the inside?  You take your frustrations out on any person near you? You have sudden road rage and shopping rage?  You have to pull yourself out of bed every day and weekends become a time when you do not even get out of your pajamas?


I worked hard on myself to get rid of all these emotions – for 6 years.  I have walked the walk and can talk the talk. I have seen psychologists.  I have gone spiritual and tried that route. I have read self-help books and discussed with friends until I could see they going to hit me over the head now.  I have applied willpower, sucked it up and pushed through. 


Nothing wrong with any of these.  I learned a lot and it certainly has changed me as a person, but I still was not whole.  I still had to talk to myself each and every day.


Do you love yourself enough to give yourself the time to dedicate yourself to the Transformation Process and the latest healing practices?  


I have done it and I cannot tell you the freedom and self-worth I have discovered. I am no longer ruled by fear and doubt. I know my worth and I am at ease with who I am. Nothing learned is ever wasted.

Do you still think you cannot afford the time? What does your emotional state cost you?


After your coaching sessions, you will have:


  • Set yourself a New Driver Focus Filter

  • Resolved your Inner Conflict

  • Eliminated Negative Emotions and replaced them with Positive Emotions

  • Deleted Negative/Limiting Beliefs

  • Set New Beliefs that support your future

  • Kicked Anxiety to the moon

  • Aligned your values with your outcome

  • Set a healthy and strong self-image

  • Understood your self-worth

  • Discovered self-love

  • The ability to set yourself achievable goals and take charge of your life

  • Started building a new life and new dreams

  • Found peace and forgiveness


You have been told there is life after divorce but, if you are anything like me, are still questioning everything.  Here is your answer. 


Can you afford not to invest in your future and taking your power back?  

Do not allow your divorce to walk with you into your future.  Call me today for your free consultation.





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