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Why do we shy away from Life Coaches? What can a Life Coach offer me?

The first thing I always hear is: there is nothing wrong with me. I am happy in my mess.

I never said there was anything wrong with you. I am not diagnosing my clients. I am definitely not sitting in judgement, as I am also human. I do not know better than you what is best for your life, I am not here to tell you, that you are living your life wrong.

It is human nature the moment we feel that we are being weighed in life, to kick our heals in and start protecting ourselves. Our heart starts beating faster, our core temperature rises. We close ourselves to be open to any alternative viewpoints and we defend our being.

We do become very comfortable in our discomfort.

We are frustrated and stressed. We live with anxiety and depression, because it becomes our comfort zone. Sounds crazy? It is the age old “story” of dropping a frog into hot water or placing the frog in water and slowly raising the heat. In the first instance the frog tries desperately to get out. In the second scenario, the frog stays and eventually the inevitable happens. We are no different and we stay in our “stressed, anxiety and hopeless” circumstances because we except this is what our life is.

The “hot water” in our lives is our thoughts.

We are not very supportive of ourselves or even to give ourselves credit, where credit is warranted.

We always tell ourselves we can do better. That is a huge part of us staying in stress, anxiety and fear. Once we climb into the hamster wheel, we start “looking” for our “failure” outside of us, to proof to ourselves that we are not good enough. That we are destined to live this life of struggle. That my life is hard and that people around me make me angry, stress me out, etc.

Now you have lost your focus on your desired outcome and you place all your focus on the circumstances you find yourself in. And boy, there will be an unlimited amount of resources to enforce your limiting beliefs.

· You are unique and amazing: Seeking out a Life Coach does not imply you are inferior, a failure or a mess. Stressful situations happen for us to change, to learn and to grow. Would you like to still have the coping skills and outlook on life that you had 15 years ago? It is a very natural for us to change – change is the only constant. It is when we kick against the change, when we feel we must leave our comfort zone, that we experience stress and anxiety. That is normal – you are looking at the unknown. You are unique and amazing. You have so much to offer in general and you have the opportunity to become even better than you already are.

· Working with your future: Life Coaches work with your future. A life coach will access where you are now and where you want to go and then assist you, through various techniques, to reach your desired goal or outcome. Not everyone is a life coach. Life coaching is not telling you what to do, it is guiding you to grow into the best you and empowering you to find your true purpose. Life Coaches studied, attended courses and workshops, qualified and constantly learn about there profession and how to become even better at what they do. There are many different options available and you will find one that resonates best with you.

· Support – getting the best out of you: If you play any sport, at some stage, if you are serious about your sport, you enlisted the help of a sport coach. Going to the gym? We all know, that unless you hire a fitness coach, your gym membership will remain a membership only and there will be zero to very little improvement in your intended outcome. A Life Coach will keep you on track to your personal and professional goals. A Life Coach keeps you focused. It is my priority and duty to find out what your limitations are. What is holding you back from reaching the stars? It is my duty to guide you, encourage and keep you focused on your life. A Life Coach is exactly that, a coach who works with “what you have” to achieve your best life.

A Life Coach is a “tool” that you enlist to assist you staying on focus towards you living your ultimate life.

Sue Leppan

Transformation Life Coach

NLP Practitioner

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