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What is your personal freedom? 5 Steps to help you towards your Freedom

Have you ever felt that you are stuck? Do you ever feel that you are in a trap? Your mind goes around in circles and it does not matter where you look, the answer remains the same. I cannot follow my heart or dream. I am now here, this is what life dealt me. I wish I could escape from here. And every morning you get up and you drag your feet to the shower, into the car and to work. Tonight, you come home, and you escape in front of the television or a game on your phone.

What is it that makes you feel stuck?

What is this feeling of being caught in a place where you do not want to be. Everywhere you look you see quotes like “You are not a tree, you can move”. “Follow your heart”. But for you, these are not options. No one understands your circumstances.

What would be the opposite of being stuck?

How will you know you are no longer stuck?

As you are reading this, there is likely some emotions showing up and you feel stress and anxious. You are telling yourself, I will never get out of this.

We build our lives around our beliefs. Your beliefs are the things you tell yourself about yourself and how you live within the world that exists for you. Our beliefs mold our world. I am not talking about religious or spiritual beliefs. I am talking about your “existence” beliefs.

We have both limiting and empowering beliefs.

Which do you run your life by? If you are stuck, and you feel caught in a trap, you are swaying towards the limiting beliefs. Limiting beliefs are excuses we give ourselves permission to have to prevent us from doing what we most desire to do.

Now, if you could be free, what would you tell yourself?

Being free is different for every person on this earth. What is freedom to you, might seem like an almighty burden to me. And I am very happy that is the case – imagine we all had the same freedom? We each are here to bring to this world the “thing” that sets us free. That is where your power lies. That one thing that will make you feel on top of the world, empowered and free is the very thing that you are meant to do. Sadly, it is also the one thing we might fear the most. Answer the call.

How do you find your freedom and then what?

1. Notice what is the emotion that awakens you. When you are feeling stuck and caught, you will have noticed a certain “feeling” in you. Is it a feeling of anger, frustration, fear, sadness, rejection etc. We are emotional beings, we go through life, “feeling things”. That feeling of things is an alarm going off to tell you to pay attention. What is that feeling trying to tell you? Are you taking note or are you too busy being occupied, trying to avoid the feeling? That behavior leads to anxiety and depression. Anxiety, because we see the future as very dark with no future. Depression, because we feel we are caught, and all our power is gone. You cannot get out of this madness, you feel you have responsibilities. Sometimes we feel guilty, because we do have so much, but we are still not happy. Acknowledge what the emotion is that is calling you to take note.

2. What is the belief that is running mostly in your mind? Every time you get excited about something, or you start looking at various options, what is the excuse you use not to see it through? That excuse is what your limiting belief is. No matter what you say or think, they are very true in your life. They run your life. Take note of them. A limiting belief is similar to any fear we are running. A limiting belief will always show up and “prevent” you from achieving your dream or goal. Become conscious, take note of what the belief is that shows up for you.

3. What is your personal freedom? Should you tomorrow wake up and you have no responsibilities, no limitations physically or mentally, what would set you free. I have witnessed countless times how the thing that will set people free, is the very thing they fear the most. The one thing that they keep telling themselves they cannot achieve, they are not good enough to achieve, they do not deserve to achieve. Find the thing that will make you wake with a smile in the morning and look forward to the day. The moment you answer the question of what your personal freedom is, you become truly empowered. Life becomes easy. You no longer live a life by the expectation of other people.

4. Build your Rome. Knowing what your freedom is does not mean you throw all caution to the wind. It takes planning. It takes baby steps until you can run. Once you know the path, every action you take during your day, must be to further you on your path to the outcome of your goal to reach your freedom. If being an artist, when you are an accountant, is your freedom, then you must plan and move towards that. You can no longer sit around aimlessly in the evening or over the weekend. Your responsibility is to start moving towards that goal, until such a time as you can run with a heart filled with joy.

5. Believe. The time has come to believe in both yourself and the outcome of your goal. You cannot afford to doubt yourself for a second. You know what brings you joy and happiness and therefore will bring you freedom. What brings you joy and happiness is also your strong point – you know you can master it. You know what will set you free from your mind prison. You know your strengths and your weaknesses. Embrace both and work with them.

Our personal freedom is not about our role in society. It is not about our freedom to speak freely or go where and how we want. Our personal freedom is the one thing that will set us free from our own mental prison. The one thing that will take us off the hamster wheel and know that our heart will sing and that we will be okay.

That is personal freedom – no attachments or restrictions to anything or anyone that does not align with the call of our heart.

Sue Leppan

Transformation Life Coach

NLP Practitioner

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