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The Gift of a World that stood still. 5 Lessons to take with you.

Loads can be said about 2020. Remember back in January when #20Plenty was everywhere? Everyone called it the year of 20/20 vision. A new decade. Astrologers and numerologists spoke about partnerships – the year of twos. And then, time stopped.

I remember the first morning of “lockdown”/isolation, going out with my cup of coffee and thinking that only 12 hours earlier the world was crazy. People rushing around buying “essentials” and then it was as though we all slammed the doors and widows shut and silence came over earth.

I was so excited about the time.

I knew in my heart that once we come out of here, life will be different. I “knew” that people will have to learn how to function differently and become more dependent on themselves. I had a feeling that we will witness structures falling and that a much stronger and better world will rise from there.

I am no visionary or profit. I hold no more powers than you, but I do know that humanity could not live through something like this and not be touched by it forever. I knew that every person who ever wished for things to change, who ever said this world is crazy, now had the opportunity to play a role in the changes they have asked for.

How did I know that? Because any change you want, must start with you. From the inside out.

And boy, we have had to go inside and look at ourselves. And as time, by our standards, started taking on a new meaning and a way in moving forward while the “lockdown” stretched out, more and more people came to the realization that this is BIG. And what was earlier a “global holiday” of 3 weeks, now turned into panic and fear. Stress about the future of our businesses, how will we survive as a family and eventually the anxiety about crime and lawlessness.

Many coaches have said, me included, make sure you set a new routine as soon as possible. Use the time to learn something new. This is your ideal opportunity to know what you desire in life. Find some quiet time – meditate, pray, anything – just become silent with earth.

I am not sure how many of you did this, it does not matter. The fact is, we are facing a very different future today than we did 12 weeks ago. This is a future we are unsure about, and we hold a lot of anger and fear as we feel it “happened” to us. Many look at themselves as victims.

I still believe that COVID-19 is the gift we all have been waiting for.

I still feel this enormous bubble of excitement within me when I think at the amazing opportunity waiting for us in building the life and the World, we want to live in. You are here in 2020 to play your partnership roll. How will you play that role? You are here to create a decade of plenty, how will you go about it?

5 Lessons to keep in mind:

1. Take responsibility. Taking responsibility does not mean you are responsible for the current situation. (If you understand the quantum field you might conclude that you did play a role – but we will let that be.) You are however responsible for what happens in your life from here forward. It might become clearer that we are walking into a world where we have to focus on our life and where we are going, if we want to play a role in the larger whole. You must come to the point where you own your future. If you do not own the chair you sit on, you cannot sell it. The same for your future. You are responsible for it or otherwise you cannot create it. It brings you to a crossroad where you are either a victim, or you are empowered. No matter how hard it seems now, how tough it will be tomorrow, but the moment you stand up and start taking part in your own future, you become empowered.

2. The old saying: there will come a day when those who know how to grow their food, will eat. Well here is the day. Fantastic the people who literally during the “lockdown” started growing vegetables, but as with many such sayings, it is more about generating your own wealth – financially and physically – that we are facing now. The person who can think out the box will be the one who eats. When you know, like farmers, that there will be times of drought and early mornings and late nights, you will also know there come times of reaping the harvest, standing back and looking out over your lands and you can “hear” the crop growing. Learn how to grow your own “food”.

3. Have patience and be kind. Learn this for yourself, so that you can apply it to others. This is not a time to criticize yourself. The moment you start running that thought process, you will install limiting beliefs at the speed of light. Be patient with yourself. Know that there will come days that you will feel very fragile. Once you learn that those days are just as important as the motivated days, you will use them to your advantage. The days you know you must show kindness to yourself are days to recharge. The moment you recharge, creativity can flow. Your energy can flow, and you will use the time to step away and look at where you are going from the outside in. Times of kindness provide you with the opportunity to not become part of the problem, but to gain a larger perspective.

4. Show up every day. The reason we are all so stressed is because we are attempting to build a future from a past. The clock had stopped, it has re-set and we are in a different world. I also know that our “jobs” of the future will evolve as we go forward. How many of the jobs today did not exist 10, 15 or 20 years ago? Many people have learned that they can work from home and do not have to go to an office every day. Your duty now is to show up every day for your life. You show up by knowing what you want for the future – a stable home, a healthy family, an income that will afford you the life you want – not the neighbour’s or your friend’s idea of life, your idea of life. The life you and your family want. Once you know that, you show up every day, you do what is required of you in that day, always with your focus on where you are going to. You guard your thoughts and your words. Those are the two most powerful tools in your arsenal – keep your thoughts and words positive, and your positive actions will follow. Decide every day how you will show up for yourself today.

5. Oh man, become quiet. Take time everyday and become quiet. Whether you pray, meditate, or ponder it does not matter. Every day take time to be grateful and appreciative of what you already have in your life and for the future you are building for yourself. One, independent of outside controls. Become aware that you are creative and that you can create your future. Be thankful for that. More than that, feel thankful for the opportunity and your input. A person who lives with a positive mindset, create positive actions, and fuel his/her success with gratitude. Make sure you become quiet every day. It also opens you to recognize opportunities.

I still think this is an amazing time for humanity to take back their power. To look within and start growing their own “food”. This is a time to become the Captain of your Ship. Make the changes today and build a World for not only you, but for your family and together we build a World of all of us.

Thank you to the gift of COVID-19. You have taught me how to empower myself.

Sue Leppan

Transformation Life Coach

NLP Practitioner

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