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The ultimate revenge – take your power back

Don’t get angry get even! Do you know this saying?

We have all been in situations where you sit down with a cup of coffee, randomly during the least opportune moments, and you think about all the things you can do to a person who has hurt you, or cheated you, insulted you, etc. We have all dreamt up amazing schemes and seen the scenes in our mind’s eye of how we get them back.

Get them back? Really?

Just think for a moment quickly. How much time have you spent dreaming up all these things you would like to do to them? You have most likely spent hours planning it in detail and seen them squirm around.

Maybe they do deserve it. But the bigger reality here is, that while you are dreaming up all these things you are going to do to them, they have controlled you.

Controlled me?

Yes. You have given them all your energy. You have given them all your free time. You have given them time that you could have used to your advantage. You are giving them your power. This is a double insult. Not only did their actions have a direct affect on you, you have prevented yourself from “getting even”.

You have turned around and are living in the past. Your focus is on something you have absolutely no control over, because it happened – it is in the past. That water has gone under the bridge on its way to the sea. You are walking backwards to your future. Why would you want to do that?

Stop right now. Stop and take your power back. Put all that energy that you are giving to them, back into your life. Use that energy to drive you to start a fitness program, to enroll for a workshop on something you like, to plan a nice get-away. Anything. Take all that energy and put it to your good.

Never stoop to revenge. Revenge means you are losing, it means that they are still “winning”.

Keep your power. Grow in your power. Become, through it, the most amazing you can ever be.

George Herbert said: Living well is the best revenge. My interpretation : The best revenge is to live a good life. Smile, enjoy life, build yourself, shine. Even if you have to fake it in the beginning, because through that you at least set your goal every day to look happy. And the best revenge? When the person who did you wrong tell the world how sad you are, and the world looks at them not understanding, because all the world see is a happy person. Because that will happen.

The best revenge... the ultimate revenge... is living a good life!

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