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BLOG : Get excited about your life today! You have hit the Lotto every single day!

Updated: Jun 13, 2018

What if you were told right now, you have won the lotto?! You jump up and down with joy. You are now a multi-millionaire. You can do just what you want. Immediately you start dreaming about what all you are going to do with that money.

There is a video that has been doing the rounds for years with this exact scenario.

Your payout every day is US$86 400. There is one condition. Whatever you do not spend today, may not be carried over to tomorrow. But tomorrow morning, you will have US$86 400 in your bank account again.

You stop for a while, make your calculations and decide that that is not too bad. You can still travel, buy that nice car, buy your children everything they want, send them to the best institutions of study and then tomorrow you can carry on with what you did not manage today. Not a bad idea. Yes, let’s go for it.

So, why don’t you think like that about your life?

Get excited about your life – jump up and down. 24 hours a day gives us 86 400 seconds a day. How are you spending your day?

Whatever money we spend, we can always go out and make more money. What money we have over at the end of the day or month, we can carry over to next month, with interest. But there is no bank where we can deposit our time and withdraw as we need. You can’t walk in and say, “I do not feel like living today, so add this onto the end of my life and give it back to me with interest later”.

The bank of life is now, in this moment. This very second is all that counts. It should scare you that this second, this very moment of now, is already gone. There is another one now. Every second lost, is money down the drain – the money of life and happiness.

So how do you spend your 86 400?

· Fill your “free time” with value.

We have duties and responsibilities and we cannot get away from it, but the rest of the time, how do we spend that time? Know yourself, know what you like and make time for that in your life. Through the ages, son followed father, daughter followed mother in their professions. Why? Because that is where time was spent. If you spend your free time doing what you love, what lasting memory will you instill in your children and the people around you? Sit down now, the time and moment are right now, and list what you get joy from and make sure you fill your “free time” with that. Developing a love for reading, nature, exercise, time with your loved ones encouraging them to join you and you to join them in their joy, is a far better gift than the latest toy or biggest TV.

· You are not a tree.

You are free, you are not planted. If you are not happy, make a change, move on, find something new. Do not waste your time waiting for the right moment to make the change. Every day spent in a job that makes you miserable, where you lack motivation and inspiration, is time wasted. You know your value, you know your talents, you know your abilities, acknowledge them. That “investigation” might even mean finding yourself, knowing what you want – perhaps the job is just fine, but you need to change. Don’t be scared, make whatever change is needed. Only you can make the change, you can change your job, you can change your circumstance, you can change you. Only you can.There is no better time than right now to make the move to a life of value.

· Quality is truly better than quantity.

Time is valuable, and 24 hours are not long. When you spend time with loved ones, give them your undivided attention. Ask any child, wife/husband, mother/father – would they rather the money than the time they get to spend with you. And every single time they will tell you, I want to spend time with you. Love is not received through money. Love is forever, and it builds beautiful memories through the things we DO with our loved ones.

· Discover self-love.

In your day, every day, find time to be kind and loving to yourself. 5 minutes while you take time to drink your coffee with no interruption – that is a good place to start. You can only give away what you have. You have to find the love within so you can give it without. You need to know what love is to give it. Do not wait to receive love from outside, find love within and you are sorted for life. If you want to find peace in your life, find love within yourself for yourself. It is harder than you think, because we do not give ourselves unconditional love. Find that love, feel it and share it. Finding love within will give the world permission to also find it. Go ahead – I dare you.

· The time is now.

Any person who have lost a loved one to death, gone through a divorce, got retrenched or fired from a job, will tell you that tomorrow is never guaranteed. Life changes in a split second. What you have now is the opportunity to enjoy whatever time you have, on the things that you value most. If supper is late, so what? Spend the time with your children, your spouse and do what they value. Kick the ball, explain how people went to the moon years ago, walk around the garden and admire the flowers. Does not matter what. Grab your second in both hands and hold it to your heart.

· Wake half an hour earlier.

I know, I know. Time is limited, and we live busy lives. Trust me, if you want to find more time, try this and you will be amazed at how much more time there is in a day. Wake half an our earlier, not to do anything but to find silence. Be it through meditation, in prayer, making a cup of tea and drinking it out in the garden. It does not matter what. Find time for silence and listen. Do nothing but listen. You will be amazed at what you hear, and you will start the day calmer, which amazingly enough will give you more time. Magic in that half an hour.

There is so much we can buy with US$86 400, but what we can buy with 86 400 seconds is priceless in comparison.

Things brake and get lost. Time spend in love, lasts for ever in the memories of the people we will one day leave behind, and, in the manner, we live on this beautiful planet.

You are a multi-millionaire, you just don’t know it.

Dream big dreams about your seconds every single day and live life.

Sue Leppan

Transformation Life Coach

NLP Practitioner

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