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Blog : Spring clean your life. Reach your goals – 7 steps to keep in mind

As we are nearing spring, many are ready with new dreams and goals for the summer.

The slumber of winter has made it easy to slow down a bit. On our diets, exercise, work goals and any personal goals we might have. Many might come with the same goals from last year, and they are going to revive them now.

Spring is not only the time to spring clean in our houses.

It is a perfect time to spring clean our lives.

Including those goals you have been carrying with you for years.

You might want a new job. But you have been wanting a new job for a while. And every now and then you decide to go out and set that goal, just to fall back into the known. You feel you are not appreciated, you have stagnated. You have been passed up for promotion. Or eventually, you have accepted the reality that your current job is not the right place for you – it is not your dream.

Maybe, you have been “dragging” a friendship along. And I say dragging, because that is how it feels. There is no stimulation or support. There is nothing positive happening in the friendship, but you keep on supporting the other person. Why? Out of guilt? Pity? Your insecurities? None of these are positive – you are only draining your own life source.

You are now at this point where you decide, no further. Something has to give. So how do you go about, spring cleaning your life and reaching your goals?

1. You are the common denominator. Off the bat, you must take responsibility. You are the only person here who can do something about your dream or goal. Often, or really every time, we stand in our own way. We stop ourselves by our Limiting Beliefs. All the negative talk we have with ourselves – I can never do that. I am not qualified. I am not good enough. I do not deserve it yet. We do not need anyone else to prevent us from achieving our goals, we do it ourselves. Stand up, own up, and take responsibility for those beliefs you have. Only once you own up, can you change it.

2. Who’s dream/goal is this? The goal you are chasing, is it your own goal? Or are you doing it to please other people? To get approval from other people? To get recognition from other people? Is this goal, truly your personal desire? I can tell you now, unless you do it for yourself, you are going to run out of steam. Very quickly. This is the point people end up at my door - they are working towards the goal, but their lives remain empty. Before you embark on this venture, take the time and be honest with yourself. Is this MY goal? You might have enough will power to push it to fruition, but you will most likely hate every single second of it - during the journey, or once you have it. Be true to yourself. Love yourself enough that you are willing to stand up and say: This is not me. I want a different goal and dream.

3. End result and building blocks. To reach the top of the mountain, you need to climb that mountain. One step after the other. Sometimes you look down at your feet and you do not look up until you reach a spot. Other times, you get to enjoy the view along the way. And that is how it works with your goal – have smaller goals along the way. Some you will enjoy and do quick, other you will take a little longer with. Setting a goal, has to come with building blocks. Your map of how to reach the end result. It gives you points to celebrate along the way. Trying to loose weight can be hard long slog. Unless you break it down in smaller chunks, you will loose the will power to see it through.

4. Your intent. Every morning, wake up, set your intent for the day of what you need to do to reach your goal. Set your alarm 5 min earlier if you must. Take those minutes, know what you are going to do towards that goal. Then see yourself doing it, before you get out of the bed. You are already re-programming your subconscious to focus on your goal. Having intent towards your goal, will help you to focus your day. Will keep the short-term goal in front of you and the end goal in sight.

5. Outside of you. What do you need to use that is outside of you? Maybe, you want to apply for another job. What do you need to know about the job? Do you have to qualify for the job by getting some training? Then go for it. Can you build your knowledge by reading? If it is your goal, not someone else’s goal, chances are that you are already reading up about it. Chances are, you already have more knowledge than you give yourself credit for. Identify what the outside skill is that you need. Can you achieve it by yourself? Do you have to go for classes? This will be your first “small” goal towards your big goal. And if funds play a role, well that will become a goal of the “small” goal, which forms part of the end goal. Get it? Are you following?

6. Breathe. When panic set in and you start stressing about the end goal and you forget the steps in between the end and now, breathe. Breathe again. You are only panicking because you are looking at the big picture - your are busy with tomorrow. Not now. You can only do something about now - come back to now. Forget the big picture for now. Look at all the small bits that make up the big picture. That is where you are now. The big picture will come.

7. Nothing is a mistake. Life has a way of taking us on a path to ensure two things. A) that this is really your goal and that you want it enough. B) For you to learn skills that you might not even know you need, so you can enjoy your end goal to full extend. Nothing is a mistake. It is only a lesson. Once you can look at your “mistakes” like that, a whole new life opens up for you. Take the lesson. Thank you. Learn. Adjust and move on. And, leave the event that was the lesson in the past where it belongs. Only take the lesson forward with you.

I know it is not as easy as it sounds, but you can do it. And when it is your personal dream, the commitment is much easier.

Now, go out and enjoy life!

Sue Leppan

Transformation Life Coach

NLP Practitioner

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