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Blog: 5 Traits to take on if you want to be Successful

We all admire successful people.

We often sit and imagine how life will be if we could be successful. We dream about a life without stress and a never-ending flow of money. We dream of happy families and beautiful homes.

But it stays with our dreams.

Have you taken the time to study successful people? Do you follow their “recipe” or do you feel that it is too much for you?

There are many studies on what it takes to be a successful person. There are autobiographies, movies and documentaries. The question is: are you will to put in what it takes?

But how do we achieve all of that?

· Know your passion. When you follow your passion and you put that emotion, that burns in your heart, behind it, there is very little in this life that can stop you. The most successful people will tell you that they followed their passion. They know their goals, no matter how big. They know in the morning when they wake where they are going and the steps thewy will take to achieve their goal. Once you align your goal with the emotion, you will focus and put all in that is required, nothing is hard work. It comes naturally. Many successful people will tell you – focus on your passion and the rest will follow. The rest follows because you enjoy following your dream. Money is not a motivator, people are not a motivator, acknowledgment is not a motivator. The only motivation is the pure joy and pleasure derived from following your passion.

· No Problems, only Lessons. Successful people understand that a “failure” or a problem is not everlasting. They understand that it is a learning curve. Successful people will stop, analyse, learn the lesson, know where to implement it and they will move forward. Successful people do not allow themselves the luxury of wallowing in their misery. They take the punch and move on. The truth of life is that we only learn when things become tough. While we move around in happiness and life is smooth running, we never stop to learn. We have to be knocked off our feet to find the lesson, and then we fight and resist through the learning.

· Never stop Learning. The moment you stop learning, expanding your horizon, you become stagnant. You settle in the comfort zone where there is no light or fertilizer. Successful people never think themselves above anyone when it comes to learning. Successful people know that they can learn from the youngest, the oldest, the street sweeper and the CO. Successful people do not spend their time on gossip and other activities that do not further them and their careers. There is always something to learn, life is ever changing. They read and talk to like minded people. They look for solutions to their questions (problems) – therefore they are forever learning and researching.

· They have high Emotional IQ. Successful people faced and fought themselves a long time ago. They know who they are. They know their strengths and their weaknesses – therefore they follow their passions. They do not blame the outside world for what they lack. They do not live their lives by what people out there can or cannot do. Successful people are not scared to ask for help and do not allow their ego to dictate their life. You cannot walk in and give your best when you fight an internal battle. Our greatest battle is usually the one in our heads – they won long time ago and they know what they want and where they are going.

· Good Communicator. Successful people know how to communicate. They know how to carry their dream over and they know how to motivate people to walk with them to the dream. They are clear on what they do, they are optimistic without being egotistical. They can communicate the bigger picture while they connect on a personal level. Successful people will ensure that people they deal with feel valued. They inspire you to follow and believe in them through their confidence.

There are many more traits that successful people have, but these are the ones that constantly come to the fore.

Being successful has nothing to do who or what you were born as. Successful people come from all walks of life, the only difference? They were prepared to learn and change and still do so every day.

Sue Leppan

Transformation Life Coach

NLP Practitioner

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